I'm new and love Miku!!!

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I'm new and love Miku!!!

Post by VocaloidDancer on Sun Aug 31, 2014 6:21 pm

Hey..the topic rhymed. XD WEE. Now, uh, I'm new here... so hai. I think Hatsune Miku is rad, though I immensely enjoy the other Vocaloids too. Also, I like to cosplay as her. I love how vocaloids have creeppy songs like no one else, but they also have the sweet/cute ones too. So anyhow, I wanted to get a feel for this forum..so what do you guys think is Miku's best song and makes her better than the other Vocaloids? I'd love to find out some new opinions!! And I would also appreciate if you could give me some advice on a youtube video of mine where I perform the Hello, How Are You? dance- though rather unprofessionally. If you think it's good and I should practice more, please like the vid or comment some other fun dances.
~Thank You!!!~


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